About the Downloads

The SDM database is available for download as a set of ZIP files. Each zip file contains a single table of data in CSV format (Excel compliant) and an MD5 file.

The MD5 file is also offered for download as a separate file. You can use this file to see whether the ZIP file has changed since your last download.

Table References

Some tables refer to records in other tables. For example, route records have references to airports.

When references are made to records in another table the CSV will show the unique identifier of the record in the other table.

You will need to download the CSV file for the other table to make sense of the identifier.

The download section for each table will list the other tables that it references.

Current and Archive Records

Whenever a user submits a change to an SDM record the site keeps an archive copy of the old version of the record. The download files include both the current version of the record and the archive versions.

You can use the IsArchive field to distinguish between current and archive versions of a record.

If the table supports deletions of records then it is possible to have a set of records for an entity that are all marked as IsArchive = true. This will happen when the entity has been deleted, the latest archived version will be the version that was deleted.


Type Notes
boolean0 = false, 1 = true
utcDate and time at UTC in format YYYY-MM-DDZHH:MM:SS


All of the current and archive airline records.

Files airlines-current-and-archive.md5




Field Type Meaning
AirlineId integer Unique identifier of the airline record.
IsArchive boolean True if this is an archived version of the airline's record.
Icao string The airline's ICAO code.
Iata string The airline's IATA code.
Name string The airline's name.
IsActive boolean True if the airline is still operating, false if it is defunct.
PositioningFlightPattern string Regular expression to match against a flight number to see if it is a positioning flight.
CharterFlightPattern string Regular expression to match against a flight number to see if it is a charter flight.
Updated utc Date and time of the last update.